Which part of nyc is the safest?

According to the New York City Crime Map, the neighborhood had only 8.62 crimes per 1,000 residents last year. Battery Park is a neighborhood on the southern tip of the island of Manhattan, in New York City, which also has a lower crime rate than New York. According to the New York City Crime Map, Fresh Meadows had only 8.79 crimes per 1,000 residents last year. Residents love Brooklyn's Sunset Park, who say that the New York neighborhood is almost like stepping back ten decades into the city's past.

However, New York has several neighborhoods that have crime rates that are not only low compared to the city itself, but some are lower than the national average. Located on Long Island Sound, near the Bronx coast, City Island is one of New York's best neighborhoods that embraces the ideals of small-town charm, even though it's just upstream from Manhattan. It's a narrow island in New York's East River that consists of residential communities, monuments and parks. According to the New York City Crime Map, the first district (which includes Battery Park) had 21.42 crimes per 1000 residents last year.

The area has been defined by its contributions to New York's art and cultural scene over the years, and is ideal for those looking to move to one of New York's most affordable neighborhoods. It's no surprise that this Staten Island neighborhood is a favorite among New York residents looking for a safe, affordable, and fun place to live outside of Manhattan. The safest neighborhoods in BrooklynThe safest neighborhoods in New York The best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for families The loudest and quietest neighborhoods in New York City. George is one of the best neighborhoods in New York for young professionals working in the city and for anyone else who wants to be close, but not too close, to the action.

While accessing New York's restaurants and entertainment venues isn't that easy in Upper Manhattan, the proximity to Central Park and the Museum Mile is fair trade for those who live in the UES. But it's the low prices and the virtually intact pre-20th century architecture of those townhouses and brownstone houses that attract new residents and make Bed-Stuy one of the best neighborhoods in New York.

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