What are the best rooftop restaurants to visit in new york city?

Enjoy dinner with spectacular views of Manhattan. Electric lemon · SERRA by Berreria · Versa nyc · Westlight NYC. Many of the seats at the Blondeau Bar, located on the 6th floor of the Wythe Hotel, have beautiful skyline views, and the terrace is also open in good weather. The meal includes Japanese fried chicken, cod fritters, sandos with Wagyu veal tongue, frites au poivre steak and raclette.

The extensive list of beverages includes all the beer, wine, cocktails and frozen beverages you want, plus more non-alcoholic options than you would normally find elsewhere. This is the one you don't want anyone to know. These things aren't too expensive, the drinks are strong and expertly prepared (even frozen margaritas, which aren't always taken for granted) and, just two stories high, the view of Lower Manhattan is stunning. Try not to lean too much towards the people sitting on the sidewalks in the shop window when you take that photo, and add rice and cheese to every order.

Daintree opened on the top floor of the Hendricks Hotel in the city center last summer. The charming panoramic restaurant seats 180 people inside and 70 more on the terrace, all with views of the Manhattan skyline and a close-up view of the Empire State Building. Its drinks menu tops the list of drinks with martinis, as well as oysters, katsu sandwiches and lobster rolls for snacks. Rooftop happy hours are a rarity, but East Hae updates its offerings frequently, and the menu always includes Korean fried chicken wings, shrimp burgers, noodles and rice.

There's a bar right on the rooftop so you can drink alcoholic beverages faster, and the space is lit up with golden rays of the hour while they last and garlands of lights until it closes. Once you step out of the elevator to the 24th floor of the Equinox Hotel, Electric Lemon is beautiful inside and out. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the dining room stage whisper about the outside view, but the beautiful landscape, especially of the Hudson River to the west, isn't really announced until you step out onto the spacious terrace. Nearly every inch of the place is photogenic, with water fountains, carefully studied lighting and art everywhere.

The selections from the short list of wines, beers and cocktails aren't bad either, and a good Sancerre accompanied by cold oysters will make you feel like the king of the gym. These rooftop restaurants in New York City know how to take dining experiences to the next level. In addition to its parks (there are lush parks in this bustling city), New York is famous for its skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, and charming hotels. These structures are home to some of the best rooftop restaurants in the world, probably.

Eating in the Big Apple means trying something from this global city. More Great New York Roof Bars. New York has a lot of great rooftop bars, and it'll take you a long time to try them all. Some of these rooftop bars are open all year round and others are open during the winter months and are transformed into a winter paradise to celebrate the winter holiday season.

This list was expanded to include more of New York's best rooftop bars (many with views of the Empire State Building). There's no shortage of great rooftop bars and restaurants in New York City, each with its own atmosphere and views of the Big Apple. This list was expanded to twelve to include more of the worthwhile rooftop restaurants in New York City (including those that can be used for events). The Westlight cocktail bar is located on the 22nd floor of The William Vale.

The bar offers diners a wide selection of classic and original liqueurs, wines and craft beer. Those who want to try new things will be in luck because the bar also has rare liquors, not ghosts, but they probably want to try them too. Their bites, on the other hand, are inspired by street food from around the world. That, added to the generous amount of drinks, will make sightseeing in New York a little piece of heaven.

The Chantelle Hotel may not be located above imposing buildings, but it's not to be missed. They are proud to be one of the best places for events, parties and shows in New York City. They are a three-story restaurant, small but big on portions of food and happy memories. Its roof terrace inspired by a Parisian garden matches the French menu.

When there are no clouds, dining under the stars is an unforgettable experience. However, if it rains, there is a retractable housing and, with temperature control, visitors will enjoy the sound of raindrops that complement the rooftop environment. Looking at the photos of Republica is tempting because of its colorful design that is a sight for sore eyes. Visiting its rooftop is like being in a playground for adults.

Once guests would satisfy their eyes with aesthetics, their bellies would demand attention. Fortunately, the restaurant offers delicious Dominican food. From appetizers to desserts, customers at this popular dining spot will have a party in their belly. Add in the satisfying taste of the drinks and the relaxing vibes, and anyone will have a good time.

Located on the 31st floor of Arlo NoMad, A, R, T. NoMad is the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Your living room is a relaxing place, whether guests want to have a late breakfast, a meeting for lunch, or a romantic dinner. Manhattan, after all, is an exciting place, and up high, the views are stunning.

Customers will enjoy visiting the Empire State Building while drinking that cocktail and finishing it with pita chips. NoMad is the place to be before bed. There's a taste of Cuba in the Bronx, and you don't want to overlook it. What makes a stay in Zona de Cuba unique is its offer of Cuban and Latin cuisine with a modern touch.

Add in the live salsa band and the majestic skyline view, and guests will have nothing but a good time eating and bonding with their loved ones, or how about dancing? With music, food and hospitality, the Bronx is lucky to have Zona de Cuba because it's not one of the most expensive bars in New York, but it's the most generous. The sixth floor of the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn houses the elegant Blondeau Bar, which aims to offer guests a dining experience like no other. Although the Manhattan skyline looks the same everywhere tourists plan to stay on the rooftops, the experience at this French-style bar turns every moment into a retreat. The Blondeau Bar offers a combination of European cuisine combined with natural wines from around the world.

This elegant bar is exquisite, from the food to the views and its tranquil atmosphere. With the Hudson River as a silent witness, anyone dining on the Electric Lemon terrace could also bring a yoga mat. The area is very relaxing, thanks to the skyline view, the fascinating works of art and the atmosphere that delights elegance. With all that, eating at this great place to eat is like meditating.

Peace is easy at Electric Lemon, whether customers come for lunch, dinner, or just to have a sip. Ignoring outdoor restaurants in New York is fine because, with places to eat on the rooftops, anyone will feel new. Not to be confused with a random restaurant of the same name in New Zealand, Beast %26 Butterflies offers a vibrant but private oasis located above the iconic Times Square. Relax in the Beast %26 Butterflies lounge while enjoying the sights and rhythm of New York.

Another great option to enjoy the New York skyline is the Spyglass Rooftop Bar. It offers bar snacks, signature cocktails and views of the Empire State Building. In this bar, the Empire State Building feels so close that you could almost reach out and touch it. The atmosphere at Spyglass is fresh and welcoming.

Open Table bookings are limited to 1.5 hours and guests must be 21 years or older. Magic Hour is the largest indoor and outdoor rooftop lounge of a hotel open all year round in the Big Apple. Here, visitors can expect live DJs every night, epic skyline views, and much more. At Christmas, it transforms into The Pink Winter Lodge - Frosted Edition.

This time of year, people can enjoy the winter holiday season with more than 25,000 rhinestones, winter-white chimneys, frosted white Christmas trees and more to create a winter wonderland with the Empire State Building as a backdrop. The menu also includes winter-themed food and drinks. Located at the top of the Restoration Hardware furniture gallery, in the Meatpacking District, is the magnificent RH Rooftop restaurant. This romantic rooftop restaurant is perfect for lunch (26%) and dinner, with dishes that offer classic American cuisine.

Located above The Sanctuary Hotel in Midtown, Sushi Lab presents a creative twist on traditional sushi on a magnificent rooftop with awning. Sushi Lab offers small Japanese bites, along with nigiri, sashimi and maki sushi. The star of the show is the omakase experience, which uses the freshest ingredients for an unforgettable dining experience. If you've heard of Catch, a 26% seafood restaurant on the roof of the Meatpacking District, then you have to try Catch Steak.

This lively restaurant offers 4 dining rooms, including a heated outdoor patio and a retractable roof terrace with private greenhouses. Electric Lemon is a new outdoor rooftop restaurant that offers incredible views from the 24th floor of the Equinox Hotel. Here you'll find an elegant indoor dining room and, of course, an impressive outdoor terrace to enjoy lunch and dinner. The menu includes the best seasonal ingredients, including fresh Crudo %26 salads.

Hot snacks such as potato flatbread and main courses such as pasture-raised chicken, electric cheese and lemon burger with avocado, East Coast halibut and more. Photo courtesy of Serra by Birreria (spring 2020). Serra by Birreria is one of my favorite rooftop restaurants in New York to visit because you'll always find something new. Every season, the decor and menu change to reflect the time and serve what's fresh on the menu.

You can enjoy STK Rooftop all year round with the retractable glass housing, but during the summer expect it to be fully open. STK offers a full menu with classic meat dishes, along with modern dishes and exclusive cocktails. Located at the top of the Kimberly Hotel, the upstairs at the Kimberly restaurant, on the 30th floor, offers stunning views of the city and offers a popular dining experience for lunch and dinner. Upstairs, in the Kimberly, there is an oasis with temperature controlled all year round, with a convertible glass roof that can change depending on the seasons.

Enjoy the panoramic view with classic, savoury and sweet menu dishes. Then, pair all of this delicious food with a cocktail of your choice, such as The William, Lavender Lake, or Orozco, and you'll have an unforgettable night at one of the best rooftop restaurants New York has to offer. Catch Rooftop, located on the 21st floor, is a reference destination in the center of the city, in the modern meatpacking district, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline. But beware, as you may have already noticed, I'm a cheeky New Yorker, so expect everything that appears on my blog to be peppered with my PECULIAR sense of humor (I've already warned you).

After all, this elegant high-end restaurant is located on the 24th floor of the elegant Equinox Hotel and offers visitors truly stunning views of the Hudson River and the surrounding area. Open every day for dinner and on the weekends also for brunch on the rooftop, the extensive menu includes a wide selection of gourmet Dominican dishes, including a wide variety of perfectly prepared meats and seafood, served with authentic Latin side dishes. The River Café is a first-class restaurant that offers one of the best views of Manhattan due to its location on the East River. Pair those drinks with granite countertops, a crackling fireplace, a casual dress code and a sophisticated atmosphere, and you couldn't ask for a better experience at one of the best rooftop restaurants New York has to offer.

Celestine has a great location right on the East River, on the Manhattan Bridge, in DUMBO, and offers a sensational view of the New York skyline, Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Manhattan Bridge. In addition to that, I have added some of my favorite places that are not the rooftops, but from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the New York skyline. Serra by Birreria is one of my best rooftop restaurants in New York to visit because you'll always find something new. And while there are plenty of rooftop bars in New York City, this list contains the best rooftop restaurants in New York that serve delicious cuisine, have great views, and are a must see this season.

A stone's throw from Madison Square Garden is Versa NYC, an impressive rooftop restaurant with views of Midtown from the top of the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel. .

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