What are the best indoor activities to do in new york city?

The best indoor activities in New York Play skee-ball at the Full Circle Bar. Play indoor golf at Chelsea Piers. Go up to Brooklyn Boulders. Watch a film at the IFC Center.

Shop until you're tired at Chelsea Market. Buy a book at the Housing Works Café bookstore We visited Koneko (Lower East Side), which is the first Japanese cafe for cats in the United States. They have 18 adoptable kittens and serve Japanese-influenced food along with beer, wine and sake. If you're in Brooklyn, check out the Brooklyn Cat Cafe.

Without a doubt, one of the best indoor activities in New York of all time is to hide your nose in the batteries and go buy used books. In fact, New York doesn't really have a “dry season,” so it's nearly impossible to escape the rain no matter the month. You can spend hours at any of these locations and it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon in New York in the rain. New York has some of the most iconic sports franchises, such as the New York Knicks (or on the other side of town, cheering on the Brooklyn Nets is one of the best things to do in Brooklyn indoors).

If you prefer to be part of the action, but the New York weather doesn't allow you to spend time outdoors, head to one of these covered places to play sports. In addition to a refreshing detoxification session, you can also enter one of the oldest remaining baths in New York City. What better way to pamper yourself on a cold, rainy day in New York City than to enjoy some of the city's famous treats. In addition to packing some rain or snow essentials for your trip to New York, if you discover that you forgot to pack something, you can probably buy it in New York.

However, as a state that enjoys all four seasons, New York knows how to be creative with its rooftop bar situation. It's also right near Union Square, so there's no doubt that this place will be more than a little busy on a rainy day in New York. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that New York City has several cat cafes to choose from, making this activity one of the best indoor activities in New York (perfect activities for rainy days in New York). New York City always has something to do, whether it's a big concert at Madison Square Garden or concerts at smaller venues like Webster Hall.

Known as another of the best Instagram spots in New York City, the Ice Cream Museum is another great way to escape a rainy day. We have received quite a few visitors who have asked us for recommendations on what to do in New York City in the rain or snow. But beware, as you may have already noticed, I'm a cheeky New Yorker, so expect everything that appears on my blog to be peppered with my peculiar sense of humor (I've already warned you).

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